Indoor Ecosystems is about fostering a connection to biodiversity that inspires.


In a captive setting, three different groups of organisms have sparked a personal interest that has led to this endeavor: tropical anurans, temperate plethodontid salamanders and reef building corals in the family Acroporidae.  Each of these taxa can be the centerpiece of a different glass-box microcosm that, once established, takes on a trajectory of its own.  

Each of these "indoor ecosystems" provides a unique experience for both the cultivator and the viewer and, when thriving, creates a lasting impression that hints at the beauty and complexity of the natural ecosystem it represents.

For me, these impressions were only the beginning.  I was inspired to learn more, experience the ecosystems myself, and do what I can to promote and support their conservation.  Indoor Ecosystems is the manifestation of those interests.

Tim Herman
Owner, Indoor Ecosystems


Indoor Ecosystems, LLC

Whitehouse, Ohio 43571