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Indo-Pacific coral reefs are host to the marine equivalent of the terrestrial diversity of tropical rainforests.  Thousands of species depend on these ecosystems for their survival, and have evolved into a mind-boggling array of colors and forms.

At the foundation of this ecosystem are the reef-building corals in the family Acroporidae.  These corals rely on the high energy environment of tropical surface waters to rapidly grow and deposit calcium carbonate skeletons, which form the physical structure upon which all other reef organisms depend.  These skeletons are deposited in intricately beautiful forms and are adorned with coral tissue pigmented in nearly every color imaginable.

Indoor Ecosystems draws on over 15 years of coral propagation experience to cultivate a broad offering of hard corals, predominantly in the genera Acropora and Montipora.  Due to the ambiguities of coral taxonomy and the asexual propagation of captive lineages of certain morphs, many corals offered will be identified by the "trade names" used in the coral reef hobby.

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