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Bold and colorful frogs have become emblematic symbols of the biodiversity of tropical rainforests. These animals are some of the most recognizable species on the planet for the general public and have captured the imagination of children and adults alike for decades.

In collaboration with WIKIRI Selva Viva we provide a diverse offering of some of the most unique and impressive tropical amphibians on the planet, all sustainably produced in captivity. We annually offer species and unique localities which have never before been commercially available. Learn more about the conservation that purchasing WIKIRI frogs supports.

Unfortunately, habitat loss and smuggling have had a major impact on the populations of many of these incredible species. Indoor Ecosystems works with our range-country partners to support captive breeding efforts in full compliance with all regulations, and can provide all necessary importation and CITES documentation to qualified institutions. All of our partners produce these amazing frogs with the shared goal of conservation of the species in their natural habitats.

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Incilius coniferus
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Rhaebo blombergi
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Ctenophryne aterrima
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Ceratophrys stolzmanni
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